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Jaqk52: Latest Online Poker House


Jaqk52 is a recently launched website in the world of Poker. But it is not like other poker platforms that you would find. It has different features which you can find only on JAQK52

What is Jaqk52?

It is a Poker gaming website that you can download for free and enjoy playing various Poker card games for Real Money and win real cash too! It comes with a variety of options to choose games like Texas Holdem, Omaha and New Game TriOmaha invented by JAQK52. Moreover, it has an additional feature for complete enjoyment of players called Tip2strip, simply select the table of Tip2strip and Tip the Dealer while you play and see the excitement…

How is Jaqk52 different from other poker games?

Most importantly, other new sites use Bots. So the new player when register see that their tables are running and they can join the action. Whereas, JAQK52 doesn’t adopt any Bots. It has a clear statement that Only-Genuine Real Players Play in JAQK52 and they have a Chat feature (player can chat with other players while playing on a table). JAQK52 is 100% transparent and doesn’t adopt Bots which gives a player more chance to win for sure. Jaqk52 is the only site which has a new game TriOmaha and new feature of Tip2strip which no other poker site has.

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• TriOmaha: This game of cards is a modern twist to your old fashioned ‘teen Patti’. It’s easy to play and also easy to win you real cash. It’s a game that every Indian would love to play in their free time.


How to play TriOmaha and Card Rankings…

• Tip2strip: This feature can be used as additional luck to you while you are playing as there is a say Lady Luck favours and for sure will give you full entertainment for your Tip.

Do you really win real money?

Undoubtedly, yes! The app is 100% genuine and even more reliable when it comes to money. It has no fraudulent ads and would definitely make you win in thousands if you meet the conditions.

What more does Jaqk52 offer?

Jaqk52 not only lets you play games online but also allows you to hire a private table. You can gather with your friends and invite them to a private table and enjoy an online gaming party exclusively on Jaqk52. (need to write
In the competition of poker gaming world, Jaqk52 has come up with various features and games to catch the eyes of the player. Unlike other apps, it has it’s own original interface and a great support team. This app is definitely a one to try out!
It Runs Daily massive Big Tournaments for small buy-ins and here again a genius player will have more chance to win as he/ she going to play only against real human player No Bots.

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Do Register and take a different experience in JAQK52!!!




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