Stones Gambling Hall cheating scandal!


Stones Gambling Hall poker room is situated in Citrus heights, California and is one of, if not the most common places to play poker in Northern California and there is a huge investigation to check whether a regular at the casino, Mike Postle has been cheating to beat the game consistently.

Popular poker players and streamers such as Doug Polk and Joey Ingram have taken to their YouTube channel to give their take on the situation, so let’s dive into the issue as well.

Given below is a tweet from Joey Ingram, posting the results of Mike Postle’s sessions over the course of a couple of months, and by god, they are surreal.


Not even the greatest of cash game players such as Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey who frequent THE highest stake games at Macau and Manila can hope to have such a good record at such low stakes. It almost seems as though he’s invincible and seems to magically make the perfect decision on every street. So the proposed question is: Does he have a device or a gadget hidden to help him, or is he simply just that good a player and makes crazy calls and plays based entirely on live reads?

Here are a list of ten hands played by him which seem to be extremely suspicious, and as nothing has been confirmed yet, the answer to the question is entirely upto you to figure it out. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates on the situation and exciting news about the poker world!

Raghav Ananth

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